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RedPeak's CEO is proud to introduce the Make Your Mark Scholarship Fund, available to the RedPeak community. If you are planning to further your education for the upcoming academic year, you could be a great fit for this higher-education scholarship.

make your mark

The most innovative and hard-working change makers have the opportunity to grow in Colorado and create an impact within our community. The Make Your Mark Scholarship advances your future in education and awards scholars with the funds they deserve to move forward in academia. Applicants must be high school graduates or have earned a GED diploma.

"Working in construction framing houses during my summers in college helped me understand what I enjoyed and led me to a long career in real estate development and investment. I caught the bug to build and create. Founding RedPeak in 2001 was an extension of this passion, getting to build a company from the ground up and create a culture that has sustained us through the years. Now, I am excited to create and introduce the Make Your Mark Scholarship Fund to the RedPeak community. My hope is that this scholarship will help others find their passions and connect our community with the education to pursue those passions."

Mark Windhager

CEO of RedPeak & Founder of the Make Your Mark Scholarship Fund

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  • who is eligible

    • RedPeak employees
    • Immediate family members of RedPeak employees
    • Residents of a RedPeak community
  • what are the benefits

    • The scholarship award ranges between $2,500 - $10,000 based on factors including the program enrolled in and the strength of the application
    • Used for tuition, books, fees, meal plan, housing, and other educational expenses
    • Opportunity to build your future through an accredited vocational school or university

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for selecting me for this scholarship! This will open so many doors for me and allow me to complete my graduate studies!"

Kristen Autret

Fall 2023 Make Your Mark Scholarship Recipient

"Thank you to The Denver Foundation and the donor(s) who contributed to this scholarship. I am incredibly grateful that you selected me as this year's recipient of the Make Your Mark Scholarship. Obtaining an advanced degree has always been a goal of mine and I am so excited that I am one step closer to making that a reality. I am currently enrolled at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Master of Business Administration Program and am looking forward to starting classes in January 2024 (if not sooner). Receiving this scholarship will help finance a portion of my degree and will ease the financial burden of paying for this program, setting me up for future success. Thank you again for your generosity and helping students like me go after their goals. I am deeply grateful."

Lauren Innes

Fall 2023 Make Your Mark Scholarship Recipient

"Thank you so very kindly for choosing me for this scholarship. Going to school and getting my degree are very important to me. It is my strong belief that everyone has a right to an education, no matter their financial background. By choosing me, you are enabling me to overcome these obstacles and help me achieve my dream. Thank you again!"

Ryan Mckenna

Fall 2023 Make Your Mark Scholarship Recipient

"I want to sincerely thank you for the selection of a Denver Foundation's Make Your Mark Scholarship this year. The most difficult part of being a full-time graduate student has been financing my education while working part-time to complete my degree. This scholarship will go a long way in helping me afford my graduate education at Metropolitan State University of Denver, where I will be attaining my Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics this Spring. Additionally, this scholarship will set me up for success as I continue my education with a Dietetic Internship with the VA next year. At the end of my program in July of 2024, I will be a fully Licensed Registered Dietitian. I cannot thank the Denver Foundation enough for playing a part in helping me successfully accomplish this goal."

Stefan Schuster

Fall 2023 Make Your Mark Scholarship Recipient

"Thank you so much for the generous award! As my second year of college was quickly approaching I worried about how I would be able to continue paying my education. I appealed for independence on FASFA due to lack of parental contribution and won my appeal! That took away some of my worries however, the grants I receive from FASFA still would not be enough to pay for my education. Thankfully with this scholarship I can say that I am at ease going into my sophomore year and a lot of my stress has been alleviated. As soon as I found out I won, I called my Grandma with my shaky voice as tears ran down my face. She responded by crying back to me. We are both very grateful!!"

Emma Strom

Fall 2023 Make Your Mark Scholarship Recipient

about applying

This scholarship fund offers an opportunity to further your education beyond high school or GED, through financial assistance. The Denver Foundation will choose up to five recipients each year to participate in the Make Your Mark Scholarship.

The recipient decisions are based on applications submitted through The Denver Foundation and a committee to review and interview applicants. Applicants must be high school graduates or have earned a GED diploma.

the denver foundation

The Denver Foundation offers an array of scholarships to support students in their pursuit of higher education. They are the largest local non-profit foundation located in Denver, Colorado. Like Mark, The Denver Foundation believes in the power of education to change lives. Access has not always been equitable or attainable for everyone and their mission is to help the Denver Metro area with scholarships and community grants. The Denver Foundation helps with the application process and picks the recipients for the Make Your Mark Scholarship Fund.

Ready to Make Your Mark?

Enhance your learning journey with our Make Your Mark Scholarship fund. Fill out the form here to gather more information on the application process, eligibility requirements and selection criteria.